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Discussion Boards

The Corvair Community benefits from a solid network of parts suppliers, repair shops, local and international clubs, and online message boards.  Through this section we hope you will find a way to plugin and ultimately meet Corvair Enthusiasts in your area.


Corvair Center

Owner/Administrator: The San Diego Corvair Club - Royce Hildreth

Description: Started in 1995, Corvair Center features a single list, forum style format.

URL:  http://www.corvaircenter.com



Corvair Forum

Owner/Administrator: Scott Howey

Description:  Started in 2009, Corvair Forum features a segregated, forum style forrmat

URL:  http://www.corvairforum.com



Fast Vairs

Owner/Administrator:Steve Wren

Description:  Started in 1999, Fast Vairs is dedicated to high performance discussions.
Using Yahoo Groups, it offers email list and forum style format.

URL:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fastvair



Virtual Vairs

Owner/Administrator: Virtual Vairs - Dennis Pleau

Description:  Started in 1992, Virtual Vairs features an email list style forrmat.

URL:  http://vv.corvair.org



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