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Welcome to the Bonneville Corvair Club website!

This site has information regarding upcoming club activities and tech sessions. Please consider attending an activity. You won't find a better bunch of Corvair nuts in Utah.

Corvairs are fun cars to own and a blast to drive. They are not a mystery to repair or restore as parts are readily available from numerous mail-order and web sources. If you need help getting your ol' Corvair runnin' please contact one of the Club officers for help. You'll find that Corvair owners are always willing to lend a hand and share their Corvair "know-how" with others.

We dedicate this website to the enjoyment of our favorite car, the Chevrolet Corvair! We hope our enthusiasm is contagious and you too are bitten by the Corvair bug.

65th Anniversary this year for Corvair

The date was October 2, 1959, and a revolutionary much anticipated new Chevrolet model was introduced to the public. Seven years of planning culminated with this day. In 1952 Ed Cole envisioned a small car design that utilized an aluminum air-cooled rear engine. The rear engine layout facilitated a flat floor inside the automobile and room for six adults. The public went ga-ga for the 4-door Corvair sedan.

Midway through the production year a two-door model was introduced called the Monza. The sporty Corvair Monza came with bucket seats and a 3-speed stick shift. This is the car that set off the pony car craze of the 60’s. Ultimately a Corvair wagon, forward control trucks and van models were produced. In 1962 a convertible model was produced along with the performance minded turbo-charged Monza Spyder.

Corvair production continued through the 60’s and came to a conclusion on May 14, 1969. Ten model years were produced and over 1.5 million cars and trucks were sold. The Corvair was a successful new car design, just ask the many folks who have owned one throughout the years. We hear wonderful stories and memories from folks at car shows about their old Corvair. Keep this piece of American automotive history alive. Drive your Corvair! Enjoy your Corvair!

To learn more about the history of the Corvair please visit the Corvair Society of America (CORSA) website.


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