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A Collection of Technical Articles and Resources
CrossShaft Designs Large 17 x 11" Small 11 x 8.5" Corvair cross shafts changed design several times across the 1960-69 model years. This pdf provides pictures, describes differences, and gives the years used for each style.
by Steve Spilatro
Door Handle Shaft Repair (How to repair a door handle shaft with worn splines.)
by Van Pershing
Removing van side door handle (Where to find the hidden clip, etc.)
by Van Pershing
Installing an FC gas tank
by Mark Holmlund
Synced LED turn signals in FC back and rear quarter panel.
A YouTube video by Fran Schmit.
Installing moleskin in vent window assembly
by Dean Gemberling
Installing retractable seat belts for front seats of an 8-door van
by Steve Spilatro
Installing retractable seat belts for front seats of a rampside
by Bob Slusher
Replacing dash instrument panel
by Steve Spilatro
Engineering drawings for the R1205 RH front seat hinge. Drawing allows reproduction of the hinges for the passenger side seat. This image shows the seat folded up. Drawings prepared by Bob Slusher.
FC alignment specs Here are the FC alignment specifications from Corvair Service News 34(9), October 1962 - 1963 Features
Front Door Hinge Pin from a post by DRCORVAIR on the Corvair Center Forum explaining how to adapt a Dorman hinge pin for the FC front door hinge.
Pickup oval bed plug replacement
The above link is to a Corvair Center Forum thread on a replacement for the oval plug in the bed of the Rampside and Loadside. The replacement plug (firewall plug #40-1290) will be found in the LMC Truck catalog.
Finding the FC Hidden VIN
This pdf shows where to find the Hidden VIN stamped on the undercarriage.
Template for mounting round ORVM
This pdf has a template that can be used to correctly position the round (RPO 210 / D32) outside rear view mirrors. Thanks to Dave Palmer for providing the template. According to Dave "They are 1 - 1 in size to lay over the door and mark drilling holes. These are sized for the excellent "Dann" - reproduction mirrors. Nearly exact to OEM, but there is just a slight shrinkage in the casting process. So OEM holes will be just slightly different. However the positioning is the same." Best to print on legal size paper (8.5 x 17") with settings at "actual size" (not "shrink to fit"), and then compare hole layout to your mirror to assure no changes in scale have occurred.
Antenna Positioning template
Thanks to Duane Wentlandt for providing this template for positioning a #985444 FC antenna of the front of the vehicle.
Making sure gas sender unit is functioning correctly
This article by Al Lane discussing a problem in the design of the Clarks replacement FC gas sender and how to modify it as needed.
Tires, Motor Oil and Gasoline
Tire size caculator
This web page will convert tire sizes (e.g., 285/75R16) to inch dimensions, convert english to metric sizes, and compare prices.
Motor oil selection
See the link on this web page by Richard Widman to his article (pdf file) on choosing the right motor oil. He give an excellent explanation of the different properties of motor oils and how they pertain to protecting your corvair engine.
Ethanol-free gas
A web page on finding gas-stations that offer ethanol-free gas. Includes a Google map with all locations markered.
Greenbrier spare tire. Here is a description and pictures of a spare tire for a standard 14" rim that provides clearance for hinged engine lid.