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Wanted to buy, wire wheel cover parts
Looking for round center caps which were an option on 66 and 67 models.  I have two, need two more.  Or I could use four of the spinner type.  Let me know what you've got.  I'm...
1 WANTED 1964 Monza Four Door

1,000,000.00 USD

WANTED - Exceptionally nice 1964 four door with factory air, automatic. I will pay fair market price for the right car. 315 415 0261 Kevin Fear

1,000,000.00 USD

1 Wanted! Roof Rack
Wanted - Corvair NOS or nearly perfect roof rack. Cash waiting! Call 315 415 0261 Kevin Fear
Wanted 65-69 convertible with PG
Looking for a 65-69 convertible automatic to enjoy and protect (I'll garage and care for my adoptee). Very minimal rust, very good frame/body. Prefer bright colors. 110 or 140, mods and swaps...
1 Want Ad - NOS 3784920 shift selector shaft for 1961-65 three speed
WANT AD - Help Please - does anyone have a NOS 3784920 shift selector shaft for 1961-65 three speed? Its Grp 4.309 - If so please let me know price and availability. Thank you