• Classified Ads Offline

    The CORSA Online Classified Ads are temporarily not available. The app vendor no long supports it, so we are evaluating a replacement. Hope to be

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  • Convention Results

    Convention Results

    The 2016 CORSA International Convention took place in Springfield, Illinois, July 12 through July 16.  Check out the daily reports and overall results from “Corvairs

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  • Saturday Convention Report

    Saturday Convention Report

    By Bryan Blackwell

    Saturday is the last day of the convention, and with most of the awards presented on Friday night at the banquet and

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  • Friday Convention Report

    Friday Convention Report

    By Bob Marlow

    Friday dawned bright and clear in Springfield, Illinois, ideal weather for the 2016 CORSA Convention Road Rally.  The Road Rally, along with

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  • Thursday Convention Report

    Thursday Convention Report

    By Bob Marlow

    Thursday at the 2016 CORSA convention in Springfield brought parallels, like Wednesday, to prior Illinois conventions.  Like St. Charles in 2001, the

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