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New - Code of Conduct for Directors
2024 CORSA Director Nominations Window Opens
Updated Valve Cover Racing Guidelines
New & Improved Corvair Center Forum
Results of 2023 Elections
Corvair Basics Book Offer
Tech Guides - All 4 Volumes on USB Flash Drive
Tech Guide Volume 4 - Released & Available
Be a Corvair Museum Member

Board Adopts Code of Conduct for Directors
Purpose:  To provide rules for engaging with members and the public in social media, etc.  Link to the Code of Conduct:

2024 CORSA Director Nominations Window Opens

CORSA members, this is your opportunity to help the organization and become part of the Board of Directors to help direct and steer our club into the future.

The Openings:
Up to five Director positions that will be up for election in 2024; two in the Eastern Division, one or possibly two in the Central Division and one in the Western Division. Four of those positions are currently held by incumbents who may or may not choose to run again.  (The number of board positions for the Central Divisions will be dependent on the backfill of a currently open position).

Job Description:
The roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are described in the CORSA and CPF bylaws posted on the CORSA website. We also have a Division Director job description there. Log on to the CORSA website at and click on CORSA Rules, Forms, etc.

Code of Conduct:
Directors are now required to read and sign CORSA’s new Code of Conduct policy.

Nomination Process:

To be nominated for election, send a brief notice of intent, submit a recent portrait photo, and write a brief bio and statement on how you plan to contribute to CORSA as a board member. The due date is February 10, 2024. The submissions should be sent to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 480-251-7177.

To be considered, you must be a CORSA member in good standing. If you are elected your term will begin at the CORSA Board meeting during CORSA’s 2024 International Convention in Dayton, Ohio.


Valve Cover Racing Guidelines
In September 2023, the Board approved an update to CORSA's Valve Cover Racing Guidelines.  They provide specifications for the cars, track and heats.
Link to the revised Valve Cover Racing Guidelines:

New & Improved Corvair Center Forum! 
To find the New & Improved Corvair Center Forum, click HERE!   The link will take you directly to the page where all the topics are listed.
To use the New & Improved Corvair Center Forum, click HERE!   A FAQ will appear with instructions and notes regarding the improvements.
Note to our long-time users:  As explained in the FAQ, your username remains the same, but you'll need to change your password.

CCF CorvairOrgAd

Results of 2023 Election of Directors

Voting for the CORSA Board of Directors is complete and the vote totals are below. Thanks to all the members who voted.  Note that the results were very close, your vote matters!

Eastern Division

Rick Sanford, 58 votes, elected
Jerry Brown, 56 votes

Central Division

Mike Hall, 117 votes, elected
Jack Green, 106 votes

Western Division

Josh Deitcher 28 votes, elected

Submitted by:
Allan Lacki
Secretary to the Board & Election Chair

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Corvair Basics Book Offer

We are offering the popular “Corvair Basics” book at no extra cost to brand new CORSA members who opt for the Paper Option when they apply for membership.

Corvair Basics is a 190 page technical manual for anyone new to Corvairs or thinking about Corvair ownership.  This book is a compendium of articles written by acknowledged experts and covering all aspects of Corvair repair, maintenance and restoration.  This is an especially useful resource for anybody who is new to the Corvair hobby.

Please allow four weeks for shipping.

corvair basics book cover sm

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Tech Guides - All 4 Volumes on a USB Flash Drive

 Tech Guide V1234 cover 2

You can purchase all four Corvair Technical Guides combined on a single USB Flash Drive. Over 900 pages long, it contains copies of all tech topic articles published in the CORSA Communique magazine from 1996 through 2018.

Conveniently formatted as a searchable eBook, it’s easy to navigate, just like a hardcopy.  It features multi-level zoom capability and a full table of contents for all four books combined.

To make your purchase, click on the Merchandise link on the navigation menu. Price: $60.

P.S.  We're also offering blank USB flash drives shaped just like the one shown above, 1-gigabyte capacity, for a cool $15 apiece.

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Tech Guide Volume 4  - Released & Available for Purchase!

 tech guide volume 4 front and rear cover

You can now purchase a paper copy of Corvair Technical Guide Volume 4.

Corvair Technical Guide Volume 4 features 221 tech topic articles published in the CORSA Communique magazine from 2008 through 2018.  Topics range from Accessories to Tools and just about everything in between.

Volume 4 expands upon the content of Volumes 1 through 3 and is published in the form of an 8.5 x 11 inch manual drilled for a three ring binder.

To make your purchase, click on the Merchandise link on the navigation menu. Price: $25

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Become a Member of the Corvair Preservation Foundation

headlines national corvair museum logo 135 pxheadlines national corvair museum logo 135 px

We invite you to become a member of the Corvair Preservation Foundation.  The CPF operates the National Corvair Museum and maintains the Frank Winchell Memorial Scholarship Program.

These are annual memberships that offer unlimited museum access and a very convenient way for everyone to help support the CPF and keep the museum open for all to see and enjoy.

Our museum exhibits are always changing so visiting often has a different perspective.

You do not need to be a member of the Corvair Society of America to be a Corvair Preservation Foundation member.  Dues are $45 per year and will be processed through the CORSA web site.

Remember your CPF membership card admits you to the National Corvair Museum as many times as you want to visit.

Click HERE to become a National Corvair Museum Member!

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