The Corvair Society of America (CORSA) is a world-wide organization with 3,200 members and 110 local chapters worldwide. Founded in 1969, it is a large and enthusiastic group of automobile enthusiasts and one of the best single marque clubs in the world. CORSA, a non-profit organization, was incorporated to satisfy the common needs of individuals interested in the preservation, restoration, and operation of the Corvair. CORSA's long range goal is to promote reproduction of parts and render technical assistance to increase your enjoyment of the Corvair, and to further the general public's appreciation of the car.

We have one of the highest quality publications issued by any single marque automobile club. The CORSA Communique is a professionally edited, high quality magazine published monthly. Click here for more information on our publications and the Communique. For a sample copy, click here.

CORSA is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors with selected committees in charge of such varied activities as Parts and Repair, CORSA Chapters, Concours, Competition, Museum, and a host of other activities. A full time business office and staff serves as a clearinghouse for world-wide CORSA and Corvair information.

CORSA has about 120 local chapters in the major metropolian areas. These chapters are have monthly meetings and host events throughout the country. For a list of our chapters, click here.

Need someone to work on your Corvair? There may be one of our Parts and Repair Specialists in your area. Click here for a list.  Also, for the benefit of CORSA members, we also publish books and manuals with tips on buying a Corvair and working it. Log on with your username and password.  Then, using the navigation menu, click on "Merchandise". 

We also get together once a year at our International Convention. Convention sites are rotated around the country, so all of our members can attend.

If you share our enthusiasm for these superbly engineered and styled cars, why not join our Society today? Domestic dues are only $45 for 1 year/ $90 for 26 months (two months free!) We are sure you will find it a worthy and rewarding investment! Don't want to do it on-line? Click here for an Acrobat file to print and mail.