Mission of the CPF

The Corvair Preservation Foundation (CPF) - an affiliate of the Corvair Society of America - is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the Chevy Corvair.  The mission of the Corvair Preservation Foundation is to document all aspects of Corvair history and to preserve significant Corvair artifacts for the enjoyment and education of the public.

The CPF enjoys an active recovery and restoration effort for Corvair vehicles & artifacts of historic relevance, provides touring Corvair exhibits for the annual CORSA Convention and other major events, funds the Frank Winchell Memorial Corvair Scholarship program, and perhaps most prominently, operates the National Corvair Museum along historic Route 66 outside Springfield, IL.

CPF Funding - Distinct from CORSA.  An important distinction between CORSA and the CPF is that each group is fully independent of the other in terms of all financials, memberships, and general operations.  Specifically, the CPF is 100% funded purely from its own tax-deductible memberships and donations.  Moreover, membership in CORSA does not provide membership in the CPF – and vice versa.  While enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to join both, it is also worth noting that CORSA membership is not required for CPF membership only.  That said, CORSA and the CPF do share a common Board of Directors and general Business Office resources to optimize collaborative initiatives, communication, and expenses.

CPF Memberships, Donations & Legacy Gifts.  To become a CPF Member, click HERE.  To make a tax deductible donation to the CPF, click HERE.  For information about making a legacy gift to the CPF, click HERE.  Either way, your support is greatly appreciated!

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