Meet the Makers Intro

Makers_1b_Eva_McGuireA Historical Preservation Project
by: “Corvair Lady” Eva McGuire

In 2014, I created the “Meet the Makers of the Chevrolet Corvair” historical preservation project which involves documenting (by film and audio interviews) first hand stories of former GM designers, engineers, and auto workers who helped make this air-cooled automobile that I love so much.  Due to the fact that I drive a Corvair every day (including my winter cars) and live in the town where they made most of them (Ypsilanti Township, Michigan), I've been approached throughout the years by former auto workers who would tell me what they did at the Willow Run Assembly Plant in helping to make that car.  That prompted me to get the idea to capture these stories in order to share them with others for future generations of Corvair enthusiasts to enjoy.

Makers_1a_Michigan_ProclamationSince then, I have interviewed over 135 former Corvair makers.  On May 14, 2015, a special tribute event was held at the Yankee Air Museum which included having 16 guest speakers and presentations to pay homage to these fine folks.  Edward N. Cole's eldest son, Dave Cole, was my special guest of honor.  We had a big audience turnout, and everyone was treated to a “meet and greet” with these former makers along with a Corvair car show which included a historical reunion of the last made Corvair convertible (car #5997) and last surviving coupe (car #5999).  These two cars hadn't seen each other since the last day of Corvair production at Willow Run on May 14, 1969.  I also wrote a proclamation which the Governor signed declaring May 14, 2015, “Chevrolet Corvair Appreciation Day” for the entire state of Michigan.

Makers_1c_Willow_RunWhat you are going to see on this web page are some of the stories and photographs I've captured from this on-going project.  I am honored and privileged to say that, as an outsider, I was voted in to become a member of the several groups of former GM designers, Willow Run salary employees, and hourly auto workers.  This enables me to attend their private meetings and continue with my interviews.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I've enjoyed meeting and getting to know these wonderful makers, and hearing what took place during that golden era of car making which included our one-of-a-kind air-cooled friend called “Corvair”.

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