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Corvan & Pickup Sales Brochures
1961 cover
1961 Corvair 95 Brochure
1962 cover
1962 Corvair 95 Brochure
1963 cover
1963 Corvair 95 Brochure
1964 cover
1964 Corvair 95 Brochure
61 chevy trucks
1961 Chevy Trucks

A large 24 page document with a focus on the new Corvair 95 line
62 chevy trucks
1962 Chevy Trucks

61 chevy trucks
1963 Chevy Trucks

Chevy is clearly losing interest in promoting our beloved Corvair-95
1963 Reliability Tested brochure
1963 Chevy Trucks
63 chevy trucks
1964 Chevy Trucks

Thanks to Bob Slusher for providing the 1961 and 1962 Corvair 95 brochures
Thanks to Cecil Miller for providing the 1964 Corvair 95 brochure
Greenbrier & Camper Accessories Brochures
1961 camper cover
1961 Greenbrier camper accessories
1961 corvair models
1961 Corvair Models
1962 camper cover
1962 Greenbrier with camper accessories
1963 camper cover
1963 Greenbrier with camper accessories
1964 GB cover
1964 Greenbrier with camper accessories
1965 GB cover
1965 Greenbrier
1965 GB camper cover
1965 GB with camper accessories

Thanks to Lon Anderson for the 1962 GB brochure
Fleet and Commercial Sales Brochures & Mailers
1961 versatile GB brochure
1961 GB commercial uses brochure
wing ding brochure
Corvair-95's are a Wing Ding of an idea (1961)
mailer with large spreads of 11 x 22 inches.

Totally New Corvair 95 Models (1961)
The new Corvair 95 Corvan and Pickups, and other Chevy Trucks (large fold out 10.75 x 14 inches)
Corvan facts
All about Corvans
in 1961. The numerous suggested commercial uses includes Potato Chip Wholesaler and Taxidermist.
Heard the news mailer
Heard The News
A 1961 mailer
Chevy vs Ford Pickup comparison
1961 New Chevrolets for Work and Play
Corvair 95s are just one of the 1961 trucks that can be used for work or recreation
EarthShaker brochure
Corvair 95 - On the job
1961. This rather lengthy 16 page booklet describes 19 different commercial uses of the Corvair 95.
Chevy trucks brochure
Chevrolet Trucks for 1961
1961. This seems to be a relatively rare brochure. Only the Corvair 95 pages are included here
Chevy trucks brochure
Here's the Latest in Trucks
1961. The new Corvair 95 vans have lots of load space.
EarthShaker brochure
EarthShaker & More
This large (11 x 17") 1962 brochure describes dropping a Corvan from an electromagnet, carrying Bimbo the elephant in a Rampside, and more.
Pop Sci article cover
They bring home the bacon

'They' being 1962 Corvair-95 pickups, for work and camper uses
62 brochure
Truck Value In Action
Corvair 95s taking a lot of abuse again
Interviews brochure
Interviews with commercial FC users
in Morgantown
durability brochure
25,000 mile road test
shows durability of 1963 corvans with new features and lower price
Who says mailer
Commercial Delivery FCs for 1963*
can be used for all sorts of businesses
1963 Fleet Outlook Brochure
1963 Fleet Truck Outlook
The outlook for the Corvan in Fall 1963 was not so good; a picture but scant mention here.
Rolling and rolling mailer
New improved 1963 Corvans*
just keep Rolling and Rolling
1964 Fleet Outlook Brochure
1964 Fleet Truck Outlook
By Spring 1964, The Corvan and Rampside are listed, but not even a picture.
Thanks to Ed Bittman for providing many of the brochures presented in this and the following sections
Other documents
taxi cab brochure
1961 Taxi Cab Brochure
police car brochure
1963 Police Car Brochure
62 Job master
1962 Jobmaster Trucks
Pop Sci article cover
Fitting Out a Corvan Camper

Popular Science 1963
Pop Sci article cover
Science and Mechanics 11/60

"Battle of the Bus-Wagons" - Greenbrier is compared with VW and Ford Econoline. Includes unusual "wallet cards" for the person who wants vehicle info at their fingertips.