Establish a New Chapter

Chapter Benefits.  CORSA provides several benefits to its Chapters and Special Interest Groups, such as:
  1. Free advertising of Chapter events via the CORSA Communique, CORSA website and CORSA social media.
  2. Free liability insurance for meetings and events conducted by Chapters based in the United States. (Excludes racing events).
  3. Free server space for Chapter websites.
  4. Discounts on Chapter purchases of CORSA merchandise in quantity.
  5. Administrative guidance in the organization and running of the Chapter.
  6. Sanction and support for certain regional events sponsored by Chapters.
  7. Standards for conducting, judging and scoring of competitive events.
  8. Availability of lists of CORSA members with contact information residing in the Chapter's area, for membership recruitment and event announcement purposes only.
  9. Information packets for recruiting new members.
  10. Special Interest Groups receive priority in scheduling meeting space and time at CORSA’s annual convention.
Establishing a New Chapter.  Are you interested in establishing a new CORSA Chapter or Special Interest Group?  You can do it!  There are some requirements, of course.  You have to apply to the CORSA national office.  Your application needs to include: 
  1. The names and addresses of all the members of the proposed Chapter.  The membership list must include at least ten CORSA members and the CORSA members must account for at least half of the total members of the proposed chapter.  In Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign countries other than Canada, this minimum requirement is three.
  2. The names of club officers for the proposed Chapter.  A majority of the proposed Chapter's executive officers (president, vice-president, et al.) must be CORSA members.
  3. A copy of a constitution, or articles of incorporation and by-laws for the proposed Chapter.
  4. A name for your Chapter.
  5. There are some additional administrative requirements, too. 
Once your group has been awarded Chapter or Special Interest Group status by CORSA, you'll need to do certain things every year to maintain your group's status.  Among other things, your officers will need to submit an annual report providing names of its officers, members, and a basic description of its activities for the year.  There is a small annual processing fee, too.
Full details for establishing and maintaining CORSA Chapters and Special Interest Groups is provided by CORSA's Chapter Plan Procedure, which is available to CORSA members on this website.  Log on, click on Documents, and click on CORSA Governance (or similar).  And if you need help, feel free to contact the national office or any of your local Division Directors.