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Preview of
April 2018
CORSA Communique


datamining titleDataMining FC

Along with the original GM records, much about Corvair 95 production appears lost to history. Obviously not all - we do have production numbers for different models and assembly plants, with annual and monthly totals, but with few other particulars. But inquiring minds want to know! To know, for example, how many eight-door vans were produced, the number of FCs with deluxe trim, which were the most popular paint colors, when assembly modifications occurred, and other details from the life and assembly lines of the Corvair 95. But although the original GM documentation may no longer be available, some of this history might be revealed from the Corvanatics FC Registry.. . .
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StngerQuest titleStngerQuest car

For as long as I can remember, Corvairs have been in my blood. At the age of four years old in 1973, my father purchased our family’s first Corvair: a 1965 Corsa convertible 140, which still remains in our family. As I grew up, I couldn’t get enough of these cars. I loved everything about them, from their look to their innovative designs. Prior to the Internet, I would go to the library and look up every article I could find about the Corvair and make hard copies of the microfiche. In fact, my final paper for English class my senior year of high school Stinger Quest...Complete! By Chris Shade Photography by the author and Don Keefe was about the Corvair! When I was around 12 years old, I discovered the Yenko Stinger. What an amazing car with an incredible history! The Stinger completely captivated my interest and became not only my favorite Corvair, but my dream car. About that same time, I even had the opportunity to see a real Stinger that was for sale in my home town of Fort Collins, Colorado...only $6,000. I wished that my paper route had paid a little better!. . .
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WhatIf titleWhatif car

For many enthusiasts, the new season of auto shows brought shiny new production cars that you could buy but the real interest came with the one-off concept cars that were teasers for future production cars. More often than not, these factory customs did not predict exactly what future production cars might look like, but it wasn’t unusual to see some features on a factory show car show up on a production model. Sometimes the main styling cues of a showcar show up on a production model with a bit of modification. Such is the case with this month’s feature, which could have reached production as a top-performance version of the Corvair for the 1964 model year.. . .Members can read more in the new Corsa Communique.



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