The van in the shape we got it in. There was a lot of misrepresentation by the seller on eBay (go figure) and we pretty much expected that there would be but we took the risk anyway. Whoever lowered it did a horrible job. Cut about 3 coils out and left it with about 20+ degrees of camber. The spots on the ground weren't oil, just water from washing (it leaks). Clutch just rebuilt (engages about 1/2 inch from the top). No known problems, driveable but rides rough (also tries to change two lanes to the right when you hit the brakes). Oh yeah and apparently the previous owner considers accelerator pumps a luxury (won't run on anything but level ground or downhill) but as the old song said, "other than that she's cherry." So we take on the challenge rebuilding her and will try to post as many pictures as possible. All advice welcome as well. Good advice a bonus. First job, rebuild carbs / put new springs on. Hopefully driving for real by Halloween.



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