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LVCC publishes a great monthly newsletter, the Fifth Wheel!
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2018_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  Magnesium Cooling Fans.  Kevin Nash Fan
2018_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  Action Item List for Chevy Engineers
2018_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  The Darien Gap Corvair Expedition
2018_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Cocktail Shakers Inside Story
2018_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair Makes the Wall Street Journal
2018_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair Museum.  Bulgari Museum
2018_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Performance Goodies from the '60s
2018_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Awkscht Fescht Photos.  Quiet Mufflers
2018_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Original Creators of the VolksVair Conversion
2018_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Hands Aluminum Wheels.  Silly Accessories!
2018_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Pushrod Length Cure for Valve Noise
2018_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  Commuting in Snow.  A Vairy Unusual V8 Corvair.


2017_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  Mrs. Fisher's Corvair - Restoration Story
2017_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  3D Printing Miniature Corvairs
2017_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  Keystone State Corvair Traveler
2017_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  My Corvair Affair - A Long Term Owner's Tale
2017_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Push Rod Tube O-Rings - Facts & Trivia
2017_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Phil Dally LSR Corvair at El Mirage
2017_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair's Fifth(!) Birthday Report
2017_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Elusive Velvetouch Brake Linings
2017_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Chrysler A57 Multibank Tank Engine
2017_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  New National Corvair Museum
2017_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Charlie Potts and the Corvair Carburetor
2017_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  Bill Mulzon's Corvair-Powered GT38


2016_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  Pilot Bushing Lowdown
2016_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  Scratch-Built Corvair-Powered Sports Cars
2016_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvairs in Cuba
2016_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Gene Winfield's Reactor Show Car
2016_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Silver Fox Autocross Car.  Nuts & Bolts.
2016_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Hillclimbs in Reading, PA
2016_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  GM's Experimental Corvair Engine - Version 1
2016_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  GM's Experimental Corvair Engine - Version 2
2016_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Blower Fan Tech for Air-Cooled Engines
2016_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Rat Rod Corvairs.  Praise the Lowered!
2016_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvairs at Kempton, Wind Gap, Upper Salford
2016_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair-Powered Cord 8/10 Sportsman


2015_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  A Remarkable Corvair Genealogy Story.
2015_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  So, You Want to Drive at Lime Rock?
2015_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  L&R Drag Racing Corvair by Rich Greene.
2015_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvairs by IECO - Corvair Parts Candyland.
2015_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Tribute to Workmanship - Rick Norris
2015_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  NECC Track Day at New York Safety Track.
2015_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Knoxville CORSA Convention Report.
2015_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Das Awkscht Fescht Report.
2015_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Kool Korvair Kit Cars!
2015_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Deserter GS. Thermistor Replacement.
2015_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Vargo Dragway Reunion Show.
2015_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  The Last Two Air-Cooled Car Engines.


2014_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  Oettinger Wasserboxer - The Other Flat Six!
2014_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  Kovacs' Corvair - Stork Party Tragedy.
2014_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  Ron Peles Driving in the Snow with Corvairs.
2014_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair-Powered Deserter GS by Alex Dearborn.
2014_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Didn't Porsche Design the Corvair? by Ludvigsen.
2014_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Mountain Bike Road Trip - Camping with a 'Vair.
2014_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Mid Engine Corvairs.  Crown, Kelmark, Toronado.
2014_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvairs Set Record at Das Awkscht Fescht!
2014_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  ProtoVairs.  Rear-engine Aair-cooled Tatras.
2014_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Small On Safety. VW Beetle vs. Chevy Corvair.
2014_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Patch Panel Paste-Up. Adhesives & Restoration.
2014_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  Plastic Model Kit Corvairs.


2013_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  Chevy's Side of the Story - Corvair 1960 Features.
2013_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  Attention!  Corvair Recall Notice!
2013_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  Supercharging the 'Vair.
2013_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Mystery of the Moore Oil Pan.
2013_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Crown Equipped!  Corvair Speed Parts.
2013_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Voltage Regulators and the Gen-Fan Light.
2013_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Unit Body Backbone!  Stiffen-Up Your Corvair.
2013_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Unsafe at Any Altitude!  Franklins & Fuel Pumps.
2013_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Clark's Corvair Parts Steers Through 40th Year!
2013_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Clark's Ultimate Carb Kit.
2013_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Husk.  Story and Sculpture by Wes Heiss.
2013_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  What's a Fifth Wheel...?


2012_01_fifth_wheel.pdf  Ed Cole's First Air-Cooled Flat-Six.
2012_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  Transmission Linkage Lowdown!
2012_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  Flying Wing.  Story of the Corvair Sedan Roofline.
2012_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair Invasion.  2012 Mitty Challenge.
2012_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair, Ralph Nader, & the Presidential Election.
2012_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  It's Show Season!  Das Awkscht Fescht.
2012_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair of Japan?  Hino Contessa 1300.
2012_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Das Awkscht Fescht 2012.
2012_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Selling the Corvair.  Early Corvair Advertising.
2012_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Goodbye to Grills!
2012_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Heat Exchangers!  Heaters & Air-Cooled Engines.
2012_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  Remembering John Fitch, by Bob Marlow.


2011_02_fifth_wheel.pdf  Header Design:  Giving Away Horsepower?
2011_03_fifth_wheel.pdf  The CRV / Piranha Story, by Nicholas K. Whitlow.
2011_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Secrets Revealed!  The 190 CID Corvair Engine.
2011_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  Custom Car Corvairs.  Forcasta Corvair!
2011_06_fifth_wheel.pdf  Charlie Friend's Corvair and Open Road Racing.
2011_07_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair Cooling Fan for Your Porsche!
2011_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Tame those Crazy Swing Axles!
2011_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Valley Ramblings.  Corvair-Powered Road Agent.
2011_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Balance Corvair Carbs Cheap & Easy!
2011_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Monza SS Replica, by Mel Francis.
2011_12_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair's Kid Brother - The Chevy II


2010_04_fifth_wheel.pdf  Corvair Caravan.  You're Invited!
2010_05_fifth_wheel.pdf  LVCC Website.  Motor Trend Award.
2010_08_fifth_wheel.pdf  Super-Big Summer Edition!
2010_09_fifth_wheel.pdf  Photos from Summer-time Corvair Shows.
2010_10_fifth_wheel.pdf  Tech Tips and Korvair Kits.


2009_11_fifth_wheel.pdf  Tech Session Report from Scott's Garage.


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